Connected Customer
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Connected Customer

With the Connected Customer solution, engage your customers effectively and offer your products and services seamlessly across all channels.

Components of a Connected Customer:

Demand Generation

  • Use sophisticated and automated marketing tools to engage potential customers via multiple channels including events and promotions


  • Gauge response to proposed and planned new products and services well in advance of launch


  • Accurately segment and target new customers based on existing customer data and third party market information

Improved Sales Planning

  • Manage forecast data in a process driven, auditable way to provide a single source of the truth that operations teams will trust


  • Positively influence Supply Chain, Sales Teams, Operations and Customers alike based on what is possible and realistic to produce and deliver

Incentive Management

  • Drive favorable behaviours across all stakeholder groups based on ability to supply


  • Optimise inventory by influencing customer decision making in real time


  • Promote specific products and services via multiple channels such as agents and resellers, seamlessly feeding results back to all aspects of the supply chain

Channel Management

  • Gather critical and consistent data from all relevant channels in real time to optimise supply chain effectiveness


  • Understand, influence and prioritise agents, resellers and customers directly with a 360 degree view of channel performance


  • Onboard or consolidate channels to market quickly in response to demand and supply chain considerations

Expectation Management

  • Feed shop floor production, leadtime, logistics and requirement deviation information to customers via push notifications and self-service functionality


  • Deal with mis-met expectations by deploying effective case management scenarios bringing the right people in to solve the right problems at the right time

After Sales Management

  • Manage complaints & returns efficiently and cascade the implications back through the supply chain


  • Rapidly scale service and field service requirements including optimisation of service based inventory and logistics


  • Manage assets in the field much more efficiently eliminating the need for short-term or one-off loading to the supply chain

InspireXT’s Framework for Connected Customer

Inspirext Framework for connected customer

Achieve Significant Benefits

We work collaboratively with you to identify and deliver improvement opportunities that are aligned with your strategic goals.

InspireXT - Forecast and Plan

Forecast Sales

  • Effectively collaborate with product development teams to influence, plan and promote new products and launches


  • Automate engagement with prospects to monitor interest and generate leads


  • Use market leading tools to engage existing customers and optimise repeat business visibility


  • Feed accurate sales forecasts for existing and prospective customers into the operations planning process

InspireXT - Manage & Optimise

Manage and Optimise

  • Connect eCommerce applications to end-to-end supply chain for real-time stock and lead time availability


  • Optimise working capital by optimising inventory from increasing visibility


  • Incentivise customers and channel partners and significantly improve relationships

InspireXT - Retain & Grow

Retain and Grow

  • Build immersive customer and supplier experiences with complete end to end transparency
  • Create a robust supply chain with increased demand visibility across channels
  • Make critical decisions rapidly around priority customers based on specific meaningful metrics
  • Use sentiment analysis to focus on what is most important to customers from order to delivery

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