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InspireXT - Connected Supply Chain
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Connected Supply Chain Solution by InspireXT

Providing your customers with the consistent experience across all channels has been a long standing aspiration of many businesses.



Those who have successfully delivered such innovations know how hard it is to keep all moving parts in check whilst delivering customer delight.

Multiple Channels

Multiple capture channels means more choice, however customers like the same experience no matter what order or engagement channels.


Common Processes

Multiple channels create service complexity for your people and processes, enabling consistent data and process models which are the key to success.

Expanding Horizons

Customers love a consistent experience across all channels. Spoil them with multiple engagement options and they will be with your brand for long time.

Connected Supply Chain solution by InspireXT has been specifically developed to enable organisations to make available newer innovations, products and services faster and in cost effective way.  No matter whether your customers buy online, in-store or on-phone, providing them with consistent fulfilment experience has never been so important.

Components of an integrated and end-to-end Customer Experience enabled by InspireXT Connected Supply Chain solution:

Consistent Product Portfolio

Your customers are more likely to engage if the product catalogue is consistent, comprehensive and conveys the same information to all channels they engage in.


Not only you need to keep product taxonomies in check, but all other operational matters such as languages, prices, promotions and stock availability information play equally important role.


You may also have some regional restrictions due to regulations or safety or regulatory reasons. A solution that provides standardised capabilities with meaningful extensibility that product steward and orders can implement will greatly reduce time to value.

Efficient Order Orchestration

Many clients tell us that managing a customer order journey through diverse range of steps as well as keeping the customer informed in real time are some of the challenges they face in ever evolving multi-channel environment.


This can be due to silos that exist between the channels and actors involved in the process. Efficiently and cost effectively meeting a customer promise requires not only internal business functions but also many external stakeholders such as Carriers, Payment Providers and Suppliers to work together.


Order management and orchestration solution that can orchestrate order journey from capture to fulfilment and manage the complexity with relevant automation will greatly enhance your customers’ experience.

Product Customisation

If your business has luxury of unlimited inventory and working capital, perhaps this might not be a challenge for you, however, many want to achieve more with less


If you are amongst the ones needing to protect margins, conserve cash, then utilising technology enabled solution will be a right answer for you.  The solution must converge your channels, suggest how much to buy or make and how to deliver on customer promise.


With our Connected Supply Chain solution, we enable efficient stock strategies including providing all your demand channels with most accurate and dependable information to serve your customers.

Balancing Demand vs Supply

Many businesses offer their products in multiple configurations, many have customers requiring visibility across agreements and terms, almost all have external supply bases needing to detach physical supply chain from financial supply chain


Customers love choices but also want simple options and predictable delivery and fulfilment timeframe. Offering simplified experience can add business process and systems complexity, and many businesses start to create silos. In a multi-channel getting your product or service across to your customer faster is the key, financial compliance should just happen behind the scene, automatically.


With our Connected Supply Chain solution, you can progressively break away from these silos by connecting your demand channels to a common process model, which takes care of the complexity, so your operations continue to do what they do best, make available great products and services.

Transition to Continuous Innovation

Order journeys can span multiple platforms, some in-house built while others procured from external providers, joining these pieces is only a start. How do you consume technology innovations that are delivered more rapidly than ever!


Technology companies are thriving with faster innovations and managing these complex changes can seem daunting and disrupt your business processes.


Our Connected Supply Chain solution starts with understanding (or establishing when required) your end to end architecture and putting in places meaningful building blocks.

Ever Expanding Geographies & Partnerships

At what interval your market is evolving either demand side or supply side or both – onboard new channels quickly and efficiently.


The world continues to be more connected and your products and services are reaching new geographies. With our Connected Supply Chain solution, you can onboard new channels quickly without disruption to your business operations.

Our Approach

  • End-to-end process design including internal and external stakeholders
  • Use of leading practices supported by enabling technology​
  • Configurable and flexible solution that can respond to changing business needs​
  • Ability to enhance capabilities – adding new ones or improving existing ones – based on robust solution architecture​
  • Pragmatic implementation approach from concept through to deployment with phasing options

Read more about our Solution Implementation approach.

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