Custom Salesforce Report Engine for Easy Data Extraction

Custom Report Engine for Easy Data Extraction

Custom Salesforce Report Engine for Easy Data Extraction

Customers want Salesforce reports that can be exported and populated into their own data templates. We worked with a large Manufacturing company to build a custom report engine within Salesforce to solve this.

The Requirement

The client runs monthly KPI reports from Salesforce for their key customers. The reports are for current and historic pipelines as well as closed deals. The customers are grouped into tiers and each excel tab corresponds to a tab. The tabs contain data as well as trend and bar charts.

In total 90 hours were spent running multiple reports, exporting them, and copy-pasting the data. We were asked to automate the process.


We built a custom report engine within Salesforce as shown below:

Custom report engine within Salesforce

Data is created as snapshots for historic data and you can run the current data for comparisons. The client reported data Month on Month up to 15 months and Quarter over Quarter for 5 Quarters for comparisons.

It was easier and a better user experience to build the snapshot capabilities within the custom-built report engine. This gave more flexibility to the customer.

The financial year and Financial Period fields specify the current data and the Date Range you want to run the reports.

Financial Year and Financial Period Fields

Once you select the current date range the equivalent previous year data option is provided for a Quarter over Quarter comparison.

Quarter over Quarter comparison

All reports run, if archived, are saved within the engine for easy reference and used for comparisons.

Once the report’s dates are specified you provide a Name and Save it.

Reporting engine

You then simply click export, and all the data are pulled from salesforce to each pre-defined tab used for customer grouping with the charts. The process now takes the client 8 hours in total saving 72 hours a month.

If you have a similar challenge, please contact Heshan Weerasekera, Solution Architect at InspireXT:

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