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Development Services

Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS)

Oracle PaaS has a range of modern capabilities to enable design, development and integration.


Built using open framework and natively Cloud enabled, Oracle PaaS will help unleash your next digital innovation into action.

Oracle innovations are integrated to one another, come with social, mobile and analytics capabilities built in to help your business deliver the experiences employees expect and customers and partners demand.

A group provide free consultation of supply chain

Your business is unique and needs to maintain that differentiation

Development & Integration

We offer product development and integration services, to make your innovation work seamlessly with your technology landscape.


Whatever may be the need, our Oracle development and integration services will have a suitable answer for you.


We conceptualise use cases and develop your next innovations using:


  • Oracle APEX Development
  • Oracle Autonomous Database Services
  • Oracle Cloud Integration Service

We continue to serve customers with Oracle eBusiness based applications as well using our Managed Services.

The Internet of Things (IOT) is manifesting in several use cases

Internet of Things

In an enterprise context, these range from driving more innovations by reading, understanding and contextualising market data, improving product quality and / or streamlining real time to predicting quality using monitoring the production line.


Whatever is the use case or problem statement, we believe you require sound and reliable enterprise end to end business process expertise in order for IOT solutions to deliver value.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities continue to inspire

Insights & Analytics

These new technologies enable us to rethink how we consume and process the data. 


Thanks to the advancements in AI technology that now we are able to effectively utilise our asset (data) and predict and proactively at on important business situations.


Coupling AI with ERP has been opening many such possibilities. Oracle AI is a contextual set of applications based insights enabling you to focus on utilising enterprise resources effectively.

The Benefits

InspireXT - PLM Cloud

Easy Integration

Oracle is built on the latest technologies and offers an open and easy platform to interface with third party applications.

Data Driven Insights

Good Fit

The Oracle solution offers significant depth of functionality using out of the box processes. You can accelerate implementation and reduce downstream complexities, risks and costs associated with customisations or solution gaps – while supporting the long term needs of the business.

InspireXT - Solution Implementation

One Version

A single fully integrated platform based on the same data model and giving business users increased confidence in results. It delivers a single version of the truth to improve the speed and clarity of decision making.

Modern Cloud Applications from Oracle will transform your business operations and deliver an integrated platform. It is a cloud-based end-to-end business management solution which offers a broad suite of capabilities for your enterprise with natively integrated common data models.

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