Digital Services

Digital Services

Improving Present and Transforming Futures: Digital Services for the Smart Era

Our Digital Services are the catalysts of modern business transformation, offering innovative solutions that redefine the customer experience and operational efficiency. The four pillars of our offering are:


  • Data & AI
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • PaaS and Integration


Using our digital services, businesses can connect with customers through seamless digital channels, automate key operations, and harness data for deeper insights and actions. From chatbots that handle customer service inquiries with human-like understanding to predictive algorithms that tailor content and recommendations, our AI infused digital services can lead to levels of sophistication and efficiency previously unattainable. Businesses utilising our AI-led digital services can expect not just incremental improvements but transformative changes to their operations, customer engagement, and strategic insights, all of which are essential for thriving in the digital age.

Our Services

PaaS and Integration

Oracle PaaS Solutions

Innovate and accelerate success.


InspireXT design, architect and develop innovative, scalable, and cost-effective PaaS solutions that drive enduring efficiency and operational excellence.

Integrating Applications and Data

Your bridge to business efficiency.


In today’s interconnected digital ecosystem, where businesses require seamless communication between disparate software applications, our services focus on creating a cohesive framework that allows different applications—whether on-premises or cloud-based—to work together as a unified system. This integration capability ensures that businesses can leverage their existing investments while embracing new cloud technologies.

Data and AI

Data Analytics for Business Insights

Unlock Insights, Drive Growth: Data Analytics for Business Acumen


We collect, process, analyse data, and translate complex information into actionable insights that can inform every level of business strategy. Our services not only provide a snapshot of current performance but also provide foresight, which enables companies to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to changing market conditions, and maintain a competitive edge through a deep understanding of their operations and environment.

AI for Prediction and Automation

Predict, Automate, Excel: AI for Future-Ready Operations


We use the predictive power of AI to help our customers anticipate market changes, customer needs, and potential risks with remarkable accuracy. This foresight enables proactive decision-making and strategic planning. Automation, on the other hand, transforms these insights into action, executing routine tasks with precision and consistency, reducing human error, and freeing up personnel to focus on more complex, value-adding activities. Together, prediction and automation create a synergy that not only boosts efficiency but also fosters innovation, allowing businesses to adapt swiftly to the evolving landscape and maintain a competitive edge in their industries.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure Assessment

Insightful Evaluations, Strategic Outcomes


Our services deliver a comprehensive analysis of our current cloud infrastructure focusing on improving usage, reducing cost, and uncovering any potential risks or gaps in security and compliance. Our team helps create a framework for organisations to manage and forecast their cloud expenses accurately, make informed decisions about their cloud usage, and achieve financial control without compromising on performance or innovation.

Migration to Cloud

Elevate your business to Cloud for unlimited potential


Our cloud migration services enable businesses to capitalise on the cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. It starts with a thorough assessment of the applications to determine their cloud readiness and the best migration approach—be it rehosting, refactoring, or rebuilding, followed by a smooth transition with minimal disruption, leveraging tools and methodologies that maintain data integrity and security.

Cloud Infrastructure Adoption and Advisory

Guiding Your Journey to Infrastructure Innovation


Our services offer expert insights into selecting the right cloud model that aligns with an organisation’s specific needs—public, private, or hybrid. This tailored approach will help you navigate the complexities of cloud adoption, from initial readiness assessment and strategy development to implementation and ongoing optimisation.

Intelligent Automation

Digital Assistants

Engage smarter, and converse with your data and processes


Our digital assistant (Natural AI) represents a transformative leap in how you interact with your customers and streamline your internal processes. Our AI-driven digital assistant provides instant, round-the-clock support and engagement, handling everything from customer inquiries to complex problem-solving. It is pre-integrated with Oracle Fusion Cloud Application and Salesforce to provide a connected experience to you, your suppliers, and your customers.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate Smartly for Next-Level Efficiency


Our RPA focused business process transformation services provide a comprehensive approach to identifying, designing, and implementing RPA solutions that streamline operations, reduce errors, and free up human employees for higher-value work. We help organisations navigate the technical and cultural shifts necessary for successful RPA adoption, ensuring that businesses not only achieve immediate efficiency gains but also lay the groundwork for continuous innovation and improvement in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Decision Automation

Decide with Confidence: Empowering Precision with Decision Automation


Our services help organisations to automate routine and complex decisions, ensuring they are made efficiently, consistently, and based on business rule and data-driven insights. Our team specialises in identifying decision points that can benefit from automation, designing the decision logic, and implementing our rule-based decision engine. By doing so, we enable businesses to respond rapidly to market changes, minimise human error, and allocate human judgment to where it is most needed, thereby enhancing overall business agility and performance.

Data Driven Process Improvement

Optimise Your Operations with Data-Driven Process Improvement


By analysing vast quantities of process data and visualising and understanding the actual performance of business processes, we uncover inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and deviations from the ideal workflow. This transparency allows for evidence-based decision-making and targeted improvements, which can lead to continuous operational excellence and provide a competitive edge in an increasingly data-centric world.

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