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At InspireXT we partner with leading technology providers in order to deliver advanced and valuable services to our clients.

For over three decades RF-Smart have been delivering advanced software solutions for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers worldwide.


RF-Smart have acquired an extensive array of industry expertise, expertise which they utilise in the development, implementation and support of their proprietary solutions.

Mobile Inventory Management for Oracle SCM Cloud


Companies working with InspireXT are increasingly turning to Oracle SCM Cloud as part of a digital transformation initiative to provide flexibility to increase growth and lower infrastructure costs.


However, this growth can be hindered if you don’t have tight control of your inventory. Regardless your ERP solution, it’s nearly impossible to have 100% inventory accuracy if you are using manual or paper-based processes.


InspireXT’s approach is to implement mobile inventory management to complement Oracle SCM Cloud across your supply chain. Mobile solutions automate processes with real-time transactions updating Oracle SCM Cloud for an accurate, real-time picture of your operations.

Why use RF-Smart for mobile?


RF-SMART has worked closely with Oracle Product Strategy and Development to develop an industry-leading solution that provides real-time inventory management tools.


Oracle SCM Cloud customers across the globe have turned to RF-SMART to eliminate miss ships and increase the speed of their operations.


InspireXT has architected solutions using RF-SMART because:

  • Seamless integration with SCM Cloud
  • User-friendly UI
  • Extensibility capabilities
  • Support for online and offline transactions

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