Salesforce First Time Referral Attribution

Salesforce First Time Referral Attribution

In addition to complex configurations and process automation in Salesforce, you are often asked to solve burning business questions using Salesforce.

One such question asked was about the number of first-time referrals after a webinar campaign. The client works with Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs), and they wanted to better understand how successful Webinar Campaigns are. It sounds simple but because of the existing data model, we faced some challenges.

The IFA is a Contact in Salesforce and the Opportunities they refer to are a related object. Therefore, the standard campaign attributions had their limitations.

How to solve this?

  • We connected Go-to-webinar with Pardot and connected Pardot and Salesforce campaigns
  • Webinar attendees are linked to Pardot via the Go-to-Webinar integration and then synched to the SF Campaign using Pardot Automation Rule
  • A Salesforce flow was built to stamp the first opportunity created date for the IFA (The first referral date)
  • The Salesforce Campaign Member record captures the Webinar Attended Date
  • A flow then writes the Webinar first attended and last attended date to the IFA Contact record
  • A summary field calculates the days between the First Referral date and the campaign first Attended Date

We then used a 90-day period to attribute first referrals post a webinar attendance to a webinar. A simple dashboard was created to show first time referrals.

We also used this data in Pardot B2B Analytics to analyse the type of referrals we get post webinar attendees and segmented by client attributes like geography.

For further information on Salesforce automations or configurations, please contact Heshan Weerasekera, Solution Architect at InspireXT:

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