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Value Chain Advisory

Organisations need a rapid assessment of their current capabilities and how these compare to desired capabilities and a pragmatic means to bridge the gap.

At InspireXT we excel at applying our deep knowledge of Supply Chain along with a pragmatic assessment of ‘what works’ and the ‘art of the possible’ to give you an executive view of current and desired capabilities and a roadmap to bridge the gap.


We have developed a unique method which in a matter of weeks delivers high value insights and a roadmap to enhancing capabilities.


This portfolio approach to ‘bridging the gap’ provides the optimal way for your organisation to focus its time, resources and change capacity to achieve results aligned with its strategic objectives.

A fast and pragmatic approach to examine selected domain areas of the Enterprise Value Chain and identify the practical and pragmatic ways to achieve radically improved performance via a portfolio of improvement initiatives

Enterprise Value Chain Model guides our thinking and approach to developing end to end business processes and technology solutions that make your organisation more effective and result oriented.

Typical Challenges

In a fast changing internal and external environment, organisations need the insights to understand where to spend time, effort and money to get the greatest benefit.


A strategically aligned and business case driven portfolio of improvement initiatives spanning ‘People’, ‘Process’ and ‘Technology’ areas overcomes this challenge.

Capability assessment can be done for the Enterprise Value Chain or select domain area(s)

Capability Gap Analysis

What does our approach deliver?

A structured portfolio view to improving an organisations performance:

  • Identifies improvement opportunities that are aligned to strategic Capability Development
  • Supported by a Business Case

Set up in an optimal manner by considering:

  • Benefits
  • Costs
  • Degree of Organisational Change
  • Time for delivery
  • With an infrastructure that continually tracks benefits

Capability Assessment and Roadmap Approach

Assess difference between current and desired capabilities and identify the most effective path for:

  • Bridging the Gap
  • Understanding and Managing Dependencies

All within the context of:

  • Business Case
  • Strategic Goals

Types of capabilities:

  • Enterprise
  • Domain
  • Process

InspireXT’s approach marshals the Organisations Resources, Capital and Change capacity to maximise Shareholder & Stakeholder Value.

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