Whitepaper: The Know IT All—Today’s CIO Is An Enterprise Leader

Whitepaper: The Know IT All—Today’s CIO Is An Enterprise Leader

The Know IT All—Today’s CIO Is An Enterprise Leader

Far from tasked with just keeping the lights on, the double connotation of the word ‘IT’ couldn’t be more relevant today. As organisations speed towards modernising their operations their success is directly proportional to their technology competence. However, the role of the Chief Information Officer is no longer limited to just spearheading digital transformation; the modern CIO is a business-savvy technologist who is omnipresent across all functions, be it Finance, Sales, Marketing, and even HR. They are truly the ‘007’ of IT.

CIOs across industries want to hone their leadership skills and acquire new capabilities to take on the role of business leaders. According to Deloitte,55% of CIOs surveyed report that they are primarily focused on operational and execution responsibilities—leaving little time for more strategic tasks. 52% want to change the way they currently spend their time across various responsibilities.” With mounting challenges and operational complexities, CIOs are laden with several questions that need to be addressed.

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What’s inside

This Whitepaper will introduce you how technology permeates every aspect of our lives, whether at work or home, this position holds unprecedented eminence and value at par, if not more, with the rest of the C-Suite. Today, the CIO is a visionary, a tech-evangelist, who holds the key to shaping our digital future through thought leadership and a culture of transparency, collaboration, innovation to transform how we work, how all things work.

  • How can the CIO be an ‘Agent of Change’?
  • Know 15 skills that elevate the CIO’s role to an ‘Enterprise Leader’.

In this Whitepaper, you’ll find:

Disruption & DX
Skills & Competencies
Agent of Change icon

Disruption & DX

Inherent challenges—from optimising internal processes to ensuring seamless customer service and saving operational costs—have always been on the CIO’s agenda.

Skills & Competencies

CIO needs to acquire certain skills and competencies that extend beyond technology. From business acumen to strategic intelligence, explore, 15 skills that elevate the CIO’s role to an ‘Enterprise Leader’.

Agent of Change

The modern CIOs is an ‘Agent of Change’ and plays an integral role in influencing how the structure and role of employees should be enhanced to instill an ethos of collaboration and shared responsibility.

Through our award-winning ‘Value Chain Advisory’, we help CIOs assess the current capabilities of their organisation and devise a roadmap comprising meaningful components and practical deployment steps including New Product Innovation, Operations Management, Logistics Operations, Order and Fulfilment Management.

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